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Multidisciplinary architect working mostly in residential interior design, experienced in creating architecture from the first concept to realization.

My area of interest lies in the ability of architecture and design to affect the life of people who use it. In the process of designing I focus not on the space itself, but on the moment when it meets a human and throughout my experience, I have been deeply interested in the concept of making material things not only comfortable and beautiful, but valuable and meaningful.

  • creating interiors directly with the client from the brief to realization (6 years experience),
  • leading the project, supervising on site, dealing with contractors (6 interiors finished from scratch), ​
  • ​working as an architect in architectural studios (4 years experience),
  • drafting and creating all kinds of conceptual presentations  (8 years experience),
  • 3D visualization  (2 years experience),
  • creating furniture,
  • working with craftsmen and restorers (4 years experience)
  • Graphisoft ArchiCAD (10 years)
  • Autodesk 3ds MAX (3 years)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • MS office and google docs
  • English - advanced
  • Spanish - upper intermediate

Interior designer in VONSUNG,
Bali, 2023

Interior architect in
DANAMARC studio,
Latvia, from 2022

Interior architect
2019 - 2022

Freelance architect
2019 - 2022

Architect in Babayants Architects 2019

Interior architect in DBruder workshops
2016 - 2019

Architect in Gorlanow & Komlev architects
2015 - 2016

Freelance architect
2013 - 2015

Junior architect
2012 - 2013
Internship in VONSUNG architects, participating in the opening of the Indonesian branch of the London based design studio of Joseph Vonsung. Focused in Interior design and branding

As a freelance interior designer I create the design and
 the detailed drafts working with project manager and 3D visualizer. 

Personal practice as an interior designer directly with the client in residential and commercial architecture, managing and curating all steps of construction process including 3d visualization and supervising on site, also I created 2 conceptual projects of private houses.

Part-time freelance architect, I was working remotely with different studios: helping with drafts, sketching and management in interior and architecture, eg. Archsushko (Norway) and Fonbureau (Russia)

Full-time architect working with minimalistic architecture in the architectural studio. I was curating all stages of the construction process including drafting, budgeting, managing construction on site, developing project  management system and revising concepts for an architectural competitions. • I`ve created 4 design projects of apartments and 1 conceptual project of the house in Norway

Full-time interior architect in the studio generally specialized on timeless interiors, recycling and reusing objects and materials and on repurposing historical buildings. • As an interior designer I was creating interiors including presentations, drafting, visualization, managing and supervising construction on site. • As a product designer I was creating interior objects generally made by pre-used materials, working with restorers and craftsmen (wood, metal, glass, concrete)

Full-time architect in the architectural studio, I was working with minimalistic interiors as a draftsperson and supervisor of the construction process on site.   • As an architect I was leading 2 apartments and a house

Personal practice as an architect and an interior designer working directly with the client. • I created the design of 4 apartments and a lot of drafts and concepts.

Full-time architect in the studio, working mostly on creating concepts and documentation for residential projects and interior furnishings

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
2012 - 2014

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
2006 - 2012

2023 - MOVING BOUNDARIES 2.0  in Mexico.
Neuroscience, human sciences and the future of architecture
2022 - MATERIAL SCIENCE on Artclever
2020 - 3DS MAX courses in RENDERCAMP - Beginners 1.0
and Professional Visualization 7.2 (2019)
2018 -DESIGN METHODOLOGY online course in St. Petersburg University
2014 - BRITISH UPGRADE COURSE in British Higher School Of Art & Design
2015 - INTERIOR DESIGN COURSE in International Design School
2012 - STRELKA INSTITUTE WORKSOP - Product Design with TYIN architects
2006-2011 - INTERPRETER in architectural field from Spanish to Russian in Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

I'm always precise and delicate with instruments I use, senses I create and people I work with. I love to work with ecological and re-used materials, local brands and personal items to make the interior more sustainable, personal and unconventional. In my work I'm honest and sensitive with people around me: I am sure that it is vitally important to spend every moment of our life in the serene, inspiring and supportive atmosphere of like-minded people.

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