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Your place

Your project

  • concept

  • 3d visualization

  • drafts album

  • lists of materials


Your new apartment

Your new public place

Construction project

Your new private house


I create architecture that suits you, serves you, and inspires you

For architects

Your 3d visualization

Your flexible professional design package

  • album of detailed drawings

  • detailed drafts of the custom furniture

  • list of materials (google DOCs or MS EXCEL)

Adjustment service

+ strict deadlines and flexible format

+ detailed drafts (8 years of experience on site)

+ multiprogramming system (3DS max + Photoshop + ArchiCAD)

+ interactive initial project (archiCAD)

+ well-organized list of materials (google DOCs or Excel)

Conceptual planning

(Archicad + Photoshop)

3D vizualisation

(3dsMAX, Corona renderer)

List of materials

(Google DOCs / Excel)

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