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RADOST country house

Made in collaboration with ILYA KUN

This two-story country house is the perfect example of a collaboration between us as an architects with our clients. We were invited in as a rescue team during the project's construction phase when the original development company went bankrupt. Each object and material tells a story and was chosen with care. We used restored furniture and reused materials, and the clients filled the house with their meaningful objects and artwork. We created a lot of customized furniture and and gave craftsmen the freedom to express their unique vision, infusing the space with creative energy.


The design harmoniously merges three layers we focus on: the physical, the emotional, and the intellectual. We create the convenient architectural base, fill it with meaningful objects that make the clients feel this place belongs to them, supports them, and reflects their values. As they live here, the house comes to life with them.


Every object in this house has a story to tell, and I believe these stories make it a place you want to stay longer.

1 floor

2 floor


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